10 Things to Do Before Bringing a New Dog Home

Introducing a four-legged friend to your family is exciting—and sometimes overwhelming. These helpful tips will help your new dog adjust after the introduction to a new home.

  1. Research breeds to determine what kind of dog is right for you and your family. Take these things into consideration: size, activity level, grooming requirements, temperament and breed traits. Choosing a dog or puppy who best fits your home and lifestyle is more important than how they look.

  2. Stock up on basic care items—food, leash, collar and ID tag—ahead of time.

  3. Prepare your home for your dog’s arrival. Dogs love to sniff around a new environment and may put unfamiliar things in their mouths, so remove anything that could be a hazard.

  4. Set up care guidelines with your family. Have a plan for where the new pup will stay when you can’t supervise them, where they will go to the bathroom, etc. Determine feeding times and who will feed them, who will walk them and how often plus how you will potty train. Consistency between family members is the key to success.

  5. Sign up for Training classes. Our Accredited Trainers will get you started with fun, reward-based methods to help you bond with your new dog. This will help them adjust to a new home.

  6. Ask your PetSmart Trainer how to acclimate your new dog to any existing pets and other family members, especially young children.

  7. Purchase additional supplies, such as, chews and interactive toys to help redirect your dog away from inappropriate items. Crates, gates and pens should be used to limit your dog’s access to the rest of your house until they are trained.

  8. Visit our Grooming Salon on a regular basis, to keep your pet looking and feeling their best. Ensure you have basic grooming supplies for brushing and bathing between visits.

  9. Set up appointments with a veterinarian to help keep your new dog healthy and to ensure your puppy is up-to-date on vaccinations. read article >

  10. Know where your closest emergency vet is located.