At Your Puppy's Service

Keep your new puppy happy, healthy and well-behaved with PetSmart Services

Puppy’s First Appointment at the Grooming Salon

Familiarizing your new puppy with the PetSmart salon experience helps make them confident about regular grooming, which helps them look and feel good. Puppies start can as young as 8 weeks old, as long as their shots are up-to-date.

Dana Peck, our Salon Quality & Education Manager has these tips for new puppy parents:

  • Bring puppy to the salon before an appointment to familiarize them with smells, sounds and our Pet Stylists.
  • Ask a salon associate to recommend the appropriate basic grooming supplies for at-home maintenance.
  • Handle your puppy’s feet, ears, tail, etc. at home and use grooming tools like combs and brushes, so puppy is not afraid of them. (An electric toothbrush can simulate the sound and vibration of clippers.)
  • Monitor food, water and treats before salon visits.
  • Provide treats for puppy if they would benefit from a positive distraction during the groom.
  • Share any health or behavioral concerns with your Pet Stylists and ask questions.
  • Book appointments during less busy times – take advantage of a quieter environment and reduced weekday pricing.
  • Frequent visits with the same salon associate build a trusting bond.

Schedule your new puppy’s first visit today! In January and February, we offer a $15 Puppy’s First Bath & Trim. And consultations are always free.

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Puppy’s First Training Course

Unlike teenagers, dogs like rules, and understanding them helps your pup feel safe and secure. Early puppy training, which can begin as early as 10 weeks old (as long as their shots are up-to- date) will enrich both of your lives.

Our classes are held at PetSmart stores with certified trainers who teach you how to bond with your dog and continue these lessons at home:

  • Loose-leash walking
  • Basic commands and good behavior

We offer training from beginning courses to advanced programs – even a Therapy Dog prep class – so you and your pet can learn and growth together.

Watch our certified trainer Shannon train Guppy the Pug puppy at

Check out our FREE Potty Training Seminars in January!* Join us on January 5 from 12-1 p.m. at your local PetSmart store.

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Puppy’s First Doggie Day Camp Playdate

When you can’t be at home snuggling with your new furry friend, there’s no better – or safer – place to take your puppy than our Doggie Day Camp for a Puppy Playdate. Puppy’s First Playdate is a monthly playdate that offers pups aged 10-16 weeks (with up-to-date shots) their first exposure to Doggie Day Camp.

Under the watchful eye of a trained and safety-certified Camp Counselor, puppies can have fun and exercise safely in an enriching environment that encourages good behavior and social skills. Puppy’s First Playdate guests also receive a FREE puppy booklet with valuable coupons and helpful tips along with a souvenir digital photo and keepsake craft. And puppies who stay overnight at PetsHotel can enjoy full or half-day sessions at Doggie Day Camp.

Puppy’s First PetsHotel Stay

Finding the right place to board your puppy while you’re away can be challenging. Our PetsHotels are 100% indoors and temperature-controlled for year-round comfort. PetsHotel Hosts are safety-certified and on site to take care of guests. A local vet is always on call to ensure the safety of our puppy guests, who must be 10 weeks or older with proper vaccinations.

Private rooms cater to all breed sizes, and each contains a water dish and cozy bed (guests are welcome to bring their own from home). There are even suites with a private TV and raised cots, for extra puppy pampering, and meals and medications are served to pet parents’ requests.

See our FAQs for more information.

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*See your local store for additional Potty Training Seminars in January.