How Do I Get My Dog to Behave for the Holidays?

Yule be great…with private one-on-one classes led by a certified PetSmart Trainer

Your kitchen counter is loaded with delicious treats. No…wait a minute…your four-legged friend Bella just wolfed down the cheese platter! Now the doorbell’s ringing and off she goes, barking all the way. Bella greets your guests, hugging their legs and giving them puppy dog eyes all through the turkey and trimmings.

Does this sound familiar? It doesn’t have to. Our accredited Trainers offer individual classes with flexible scheduling to meet your busy holiday schedule. These sessions focus on positive reinforcement training that meets your needs and goes at your dog’s pace.

Private lessons enable you to work on the behaviors you need help with the most: jumping on holiday guests or door dashing as well as counter-surfing while preparing holiday meals and begging at the table during holiday feasts.

In November and December, when you buy a 30-minute Private Training Session, you get 50% off the second session.

Here are some of the behaviors your dog can learn in Private Training Sessions:

  • On Your Bed - helps prevent your dog dashing to the door, barking at the doorbell and rushing up to and jumping on guests. A handy cue for the holidays, it also can be used to discourage counter-surfing and begging at the table.
  • Leave It and Drop It* - helps keep your dog safe from grabbing or eating dangerous items, especially important with all the food, decorations and gifts filling the house around the holidays
  • Hand Target* - helps get your dog to come to you, especially useful when you have guests
  • Back Up* - helps get your dog to get out of your way, which is a plus when you’re carrying heavy or fragile things
  • Stay* - helps keep your dog safe and still when needed

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Proof of current parvovirus, distemper & parainfluenza vaccinations is required for all dogs. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required for any dog over 4 months old.