By Suzy A., Valdosta, Georgia

“The first time I met Roscoe, he was scared and so uncomfortable. He was only 4 years old and this sweet little Shih-Tzu mix looked like a cranky old man with some of the most damaged skin I’d ever seen. It was red, raw and itchy from allergies, fleas and ticks. He was scratching constantly and even gnawing at his skin.

Roscoe’s mom, Joanie, was devastated. She told me that ‘when your pet feels awful, they just lie around and aren’t very friendly.’ It was heartbreaking.

The first thing I suggested was a bath with Only Natural Pet shampoo and conditioner and then a cone cut instead of shaving with a blade, which might have made Roscoe itchier. Then I walked her through the store and helped her find the right flea prevention. And I suggested trying grain-free and limited-ingredient diets to help deal with Roscoe’s skin allergies.

On his next few visits, I was very gentle with Roscoe. He has a sweet, outgoing nature and really knows how to communicate. He’s always talking during his bath and lets me know when I’m doing well by closing his eyes and moaning and corrects me if I’m not with a rumbling sound in his throat.

Today, Joanie is thrilled and I’m so glad I could help Roscoe become a happier dog. He has a full coat, is always excited to see me and knows that I love him. Now, he enjoys his salon visits instead of being scared. And he always turns his butt toward me when I’m working. That’s not him throwing me shade, that’s his favorite part of his bath and groom."

Roscoe Before & AfterRoscoe Before & After


By Kaula T., Augusta, Maine

"Einstein, a 14-year-old Terrier/Schnauzer mix rescue, is one of my regulars for baths and grooms, but sometimes she gets something fun – like a mohawk! Recently, I checked Einstein in for her usual appointment and when I picked her up to put her in the tub, she let out a screech.

Einstein is such a sweet girl and I sensed something was wrong. I called her pet parents, Liz and C.K., to let them know. They figured it was her old age and allowed me to continue. When they came to pick her up, I expressed my concern and recommended a trip to the vet. Einstein’s parents noticed how uncomfortable she was and took her to vet that night. When I called to check in on her, they told me that the vet found a tumor on spleen and if they hadn’t brought her in for emergency surgery, she wouldn't have made it through the night.

The next day they were waiting for me at the salon with flowers and a card. They said if I hadn’t been so passionate about Einstein’s care, she would’ve died and that I gave them more time with their baby. Did I cry? Of course! The dogs I groom are like my kids.”

Einstein Before & After Einstein Before & After


By Abbey C., Bethlehem, Georgia

“In the beginning, Scout was a Yorkie-Poo puppy who was like a two-year-old child throwing tantrums all the time. He’d had a bad experience with grooming before, so he was like, ‘I don’t want you to touch me, and I am going to throw a puppy fit.’ So, I had to wait him out.

I knew what would suit him—a monthly bath with hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, then a lamb-cut with a squared-off jaw, a little trim on the tail and a nail grind—it just took a little time for him to trust me. Now he is so relaxed that as soon as I start doing his face, he falls asleep.

Scout’s dad says he never has to worry. In fact, when he brings him in he always jokes with me and says, ‘Here’s your boyfriend.’ Scout went from being scared to confident and he loves to be the center of attention. He is night-and-day from where we started and that means the world to me.”

Scout Scout

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