Prep Your Pet for Summer with PetSmart Services


Scheduling a summer shave-down for your pup can be helpful during the warm summer months. Common breeds for shave-downs include long and curly coated breeds (think Poodle, Lhasa Apso). Double-coated breeds (think Labrador, German Shepard, Husky) benefit more from brushing out their loose undercoat than they would a shave-down.

There are many benefits of a shave-down:

  • helps with severe matting & matting prevention
  • allows hair to dry faster especially after playing in the water
  • helps identify if your dog has warm-weather parasites-

Take the first step to get your pup warm-weather ready! Make an appointment to see your PetSmart Pet Stylist to discuss the best options to keep your pet cool and happy.

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Enjoy the great outdoors this summer! Sign up for a 6-week training class with our accredited trainers and learn how to loose-leash walk.

  • makes walks more enjoyable
  • prevents injury to you & your pet
  • allows for more activity like hiking & jogging

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Your pet can stay with us for Memorial Day, Fourth of July or summer vacation.* Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 care and on-call veterinarian, safety-certified staff plus full-service amenities. New customers will receive one night free with a multi-night stay!**

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Hot summer temps don’t have to mean less playtime for your pup! Bring them to Doggie Day Camp to enjoy fun playtime in our indoor climate-controlled playrooms.* They’ll get plenty of exercise and meet lots of new friends with supervision by our pet-loving staff. First-time campers save 50% off their first session. Don’t miss our PetSmart Playdates! Check upcoming dates and times.

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*Pet age, health & vaccination requirements apply. Subject to availability. Select locations only. Breed restrictions apply.
**New customers only. Free night discount applied at the register when checking out. Excludes all add-ons. Maximum one free night per customer.