Salon Welcome Package FAQs

frequently asked questions

What do I get with my Salon Welcome Package purchase?

Depending on the package you purchased, you will get either: 2 prepaid bath or groom units at a 20% savings OR 1 prepaid bath or groom unit at a 10% savings to you.

How do I use my units?

Once you have purchased your units, book your next appointment as you normally would in stores, over the phone, online or via the mobile app. If you choose to redeem units online, simply log in or create an account using the same email address provided when the package was purchased. If done correctly, you will see the option to redeem package units on the Grooming Services page or from your Account dashboard.

  • Be sure to select the right service for your Salon Welcome Package (either Bath & Brush or Groom)
  • Prepaid units do NOT include add-ons. However, you can include add-ons when you book your appointment, but you’ll be required to pay the difference.

How do I sign up for an online account so I can view package details?

Click here and create an account using the same email provided during purchase. Head to the Account dashboard to view package details.

How can I view the status of my Salon Welcome Package once logged in? How do I know if I have already used my units or when they expire?

You can easily view the status of your units by navigating to the Appointments page from your Account dashboard.

What if I book an appointment using a prepaid unit and later have to cancel? Do I lose the unit?

No, you will have the option to rebook the unit.

How do I qualify?

You need to be a first-time customer into the Grooming Salon.

Do I need to be a Treats member?

No, you do not need to be a Treats member.

Can I purchase this package for both of my pets if I’m a first-time customer?

No, it is one dog/cat per customer (package is tied to human customer vs. pet getting the service).

Can I upgrade or switch my service?

No, we do not allow upgrades or for you to switch your service once the package has been purchased.

If I didn’t purchase the Salon Welcome Package after my first visit, how long do I have to take advantage of the offer?

You can purchase 10 days post your initial appointment.

If I sign up for my package at store x, can I use it at store y?

Yes, you can use your prepaid units at any PetSmart Grooming Salon.

Can it be any groomer?

Yes, you can schedule with any Salon Associate at any Grooming Salon location.

Will I receive Treats points with my Salon Welcome Package purchase?

Yes, you will receive at initial purchase, not at redemption.

What terms & conditions apply to the offer?

The Salon Welcome Package is available to first-time Grooming Salon customers after the first groom or bath is complete. The package must be purchased at the completion of the service or within ten (10) days following the date of service at the store where the service was received. The package may be applied to only one pet per customer. The package is valid at any PetSmart store location. Cat grooming services are available at select locations. The package excludes add-ons. No substitutions or upgrades can be made. Prices & selection may vary by location. All services are subject to availability. Pet age, health & vaccination requirements apply. At the sole discretion of PetSmart, some pets may not be permitted. Breed restrictions may apply.


How long do I have to utilize my prepaid units?

You have 5 years to use your prepaid bath or groom units.

Can I return my units?

Yes, you can return the services that are un-used. If you have the receipt, you’ll receive a refund back on the same method you paid or store-credit at the amount notated. If you don’t have a receipt, you’ll get back the un-used credits at the current price with a store credit.

How do I process my return?

Please visit the Grooming Salon where you purchased the package to process the return.