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Core classes

Puppy Training
(10 wks to 5 mths old) 6-wk. introductory class teaches communication & basic skills like potty, puppy biting, chewing & barking.
Beginner Training
(5 months & up) 6-wk. introductory class that teaches basic manners & addresses counter surfing, trash raiding, jumping & digging.
Intermediate Training
6-wk. class reinforces & builds on foundational behaviors while enhancing skills for real-world application. Pre-req: Puppy or Beginner
Advanced Training
6-wk. class strengthens behaviors to provide faster & more consistent responses & improve reliability. Pre-req: Intermediate

*Classes may be limited at this time & in select stores only. Check back for updated availability.


15% off
(includes two 6-week classes)
Fundamental Package
Our Accredited Dog Trainers work with you & your pet to encourage & reinforce good behavior. Includes Puppy OR Beginner Class & Intermediate Class.
15% off
(includes two 6-week classes)
Advanced Package
Our Accredited Dog Trainers help build consistency & reinforce good behavior with added distractions. Includes Intermediate & Advanced Classes.
Save 20%
(includes three 6-week classes)
Premium Package
Provides overall training that starts with fundamentals & works up to advanced skills. Includes: Puppy OR Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Classes.

An Accredited Trainer works with just you & your dog to address problem behaviors and teach new tricks & skills. These customizable sessions are perfect for pet parents with irregular schedules or dogs who need extra attention. (Not suitable for dogs with aggression issues. Virtual sessions are recommended instead.) Please note: bilingual trainers are available at select stores. Call your store to inquire.

Private Training - 30 mins
Consultation session to meet the trainer, discuss concerns, determine goals for your pup, create a training plan & schedule additional sessions.
Private Training - 1 hour
One-time session to address 1-2 specific unwanted behaviors or brush up on skills like loose-leash walking or come when called.
Private Training - Four 1-hour sessions
Four individual 1-hr. sessions with the trainer to address multiple unwanted behaviors and/or teach your pup new skills.
Training Camp
30-min. one-on-one session for PetsHotel guests only to learn manners & basic cues. Customizable to meet your dog’s needs. Call store to reserve. 1 for $45 | 4 for $149 | 8 for $239

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Brain Games™ Training
6-wk. fun & challenging class that provides enrichment through mental stimulation to help hyperactivity & lessen boredom. Pre-req: Intermediate
Therapy Dog Training
6-wk. class helps you & your dog learn & practice skills needed to take a Therapy Dog Evaluation. Pre-req: Advanced
Trick Training
6-wk. course to teach tricks, improve communication & continue to build a bond. Pre-req: Puppy or Beginner. Call store to reserve.

Select store to view discounted pricing and class availability.

Potty Training
1-hr. seminar covers effective potty-training tips and techniques for puppies or dogs of any age. Call store to reserve.
StartSmart™ Training Workshop
1-hr. introduction to learn about potty training, crate training, socialization & tips on visiting the vet or groomer.
Stress Less™ Training
(10 weeks & up) 3-wk. class for dogs with separation anxiety or anxious behaviors.

*Classes may be limited at this time & in select stores only. Check back for updated availability.

Virtual Dog Training – 1 session
30-min. introductory session held online with Accredited Trainer from the comfort of your own home. Trainer observes behaviors & introduces 1-2 cues.
Virtual Dog Training – 4 sessions
Save 10%! Four 30-min. sessions held online with an Accredited Trainer from the comfort of your own home. Trainer teaches multiple cues with distractions.
Virtual Dog Training – 8 sessions
Save 15%! Eight 30-min. sessions held online with an Accredited Trainer from the comfort of your own home. Trainer teaches multiple cues with distractions.

Terms & conditions apply. Click here for more details.

Trouble potty training your pup?

Learn some quick tips from one of our Accredited Dog Trainers.

Special offers

Save up to $60
Training Classes
Save $30 on a 6-wk class, save $40 on a 2-class package (includes two 6-wk classes) or save $60 on a 3-class package (includes three 6-wk classes)*

Benefits of training

Teaches your dog desired manners & addresses problem behaviors.
Helps with communication & building a positive bond with your dog.
Allows you to include your dog in more indoor & outdoor activities.
Helps reduce your dog’s boredom with physical & mental stimulation.
100% Satisfied – If you’re not, we’ll work to make it right!

About training

FREE 15-minute Consultation

Meet with an accredited trainer to get tips & learn about training classes based on your pet's needs.

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StartSmart™ Training Workshop

1-hr. intro to learn about potty & crate training, socialization & tips on visiting the vet or groomer.

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Featuring! Virtual Dog Training

Live, one-on-one training held online from the comfort of your own home.

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Book now, pay later in 4 interest-free installments. Available online & in stores.

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Meet our trainers

Our accredited trainers teach fun & effective classes.

Tiffany W.
Area Trainer & Regional Area Training Mentor – Lynchburg, VA
“Training is all about learning to enjoy each other and working to reach a goal—whether it’s building confidence, learning a new sport or trick, or teaching a dog to navigate a human-centric world.”
Lisa S.
Area Trainer & Regional Area Training Mentor – Boise, ID
“I believe that training is not about obedience but learning to share a language with our dogs. I’ve even enrolled my own puppy in a class to help pet parents communicate with their own dogs.”
Meeka J.
Area Trainer – Tucker, GA
“The first dog I trained, Ella, was afraid of everything. I had to learn to take things slow. You can’t force trust. Not only did she learn to trust me, but she learned to trust her pet parent.”
Pat W.
Area Trainer & Regional Area Training Mentor – Long Beach, CA
“As you learn how to teach your pet to do new things, don’t hesitate to learn WHY the methods are effective. Learning the WHY and the HOW are the way to understanding what your dog is trying to tell you.”
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does PetSmart do to ensure the health & safety of my pet during Training classes?

    As part of our commitment to pet health and safety, we have robust processes in place for all pets receiving care in our Training classes. During higher-risk times, we often add additional measures to ensure pet safety. For example, we extend the pre-screening process for Training to ensure pets with any current or previous signs of illness are identified before encountering other pets. We also reinforce existing health and safety protocols, while working to educate pet parents on how to spot signs of a pet illness.

    Pets visiting PetSmart for Training are welcomed by a safety-certified associate who conducts a Hands-on Assessment checking for unique needs, taking note of any behavioral or health issues and addressing any concerns with pet parents. Our rigorous health and safety protocols are designed by a dedicated Safety team of experts and implemented daily by our pet care and safety-certified associates. Pets in our care are continually monitored and our associates are trained to watch for critical signs of stress.

  • How old does my dog need to be to attend training?

    It depends on the class; Puppies can start as early as 10 weeks. To learn more about our classes, click here.

  • When are classes offered?

    Class days and times vary by store. Group classes meet at the same time each week for six consecutive weeks.

  • How long is each class?

    Group classes are one hour long.

  • Does PetSmart offer private dog training lessons?

    Yes, we offer a variety of in-store privates lessons to meet the needs of your dog. Visit your local PetSmart location to sign up for private lessons or click here to learn more about Virtual Dog Training sessions.

  • What do I need to bring to class?
    1. Vaccination records
    2. 4’ to 6’ leather or nylon leash (no retractable or chain leashes)
    3. Buckle collar, head halter or harness (no choke or prong collars)
    4. A variety of small bite treats
    5. Treat pouch or something else to carry treats in
    6. Optional: A towel or dog bed, which can make cues easier for some dogs
  • What vaccinations are required to attend?

    DPP (Distemper, Parvo & Parainfluenza) & Rabies vaccinations are required for any dog over 4 months old. Proof must be provided in the first class to participate.

  • How many dogs will be in the class?

    Class size can vary based on type of class, day/time of class and size of the training area, but typically you can expect 4-6 dogs.

  • What happens if I miss a class?

    Work with your Trainer to attend a make-up session.

  • What is the refund policy for Training classes?

    If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll work to make it right — even retaking the in-person or online dog training class for free!

  • How can I learn more about the classes offered?

    You can find more information on all class types by visiting here.

At PetSmart, our Accredited Pet Trainers believe that positive reinforcement builds positive behavior for both pets and people.

With dog training classes designed for puppies and adult dogs, we can help you and your pet set boundaries and communicate in ways you both understand. We offer three levels of dog training courses and experienced pet parents, and graduates can also learn more advanced skills, like special tricks and therapy dog training.

We also offer private classes for dogs and pet parents. However, if socializing is important to you and your pup, our group classes are the perfect fit. They're small enough (4-10 dogs) so you'll get the attention you need, but they also offer ample time for your dog to learn how to be around other pets or distractions and still listen to you.

All our dog training courses are held over the course of several weeks. This way, you can practice your skills, then refine your communication and gain new skills the next week. Check out our convenient virtual dog training options if you prefer to train your pup in the comfort of your home. For those who'd like to go beyond one training class, we offer special savings packages that allow you to combine two or more dog training classes. For details on the training options available, find the PetSmart store nearest you.

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